Méderic Ediciones is a publishing house in the area of health; it is young, dynamic and committed to its work, with a clear vision of the future when it comes to new technologies, specialists in creating and editing scientific projects and high quality technical illustration, as well as in the development of multimedia tools.

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Our wide range of services allows us to offer health, veterinary and pharmaceutical professionals, sales networks and patients content and formats which are tailored to every readership and every need.



In Méderic Ediciones we generate unique and exclusive products based on the strategy, creativity and very highest quality of all the materials and content. In order to achieve this, we are helped by hugely experienced partners, medical societies and the most prestigious health professionals.



We offer services tailored to every readership: health, veterinary and pharmaceutical professionals, sales networks and patients.

Editorial management and coordination

We manage and coordinate every type of editorial project:

  • Organisation and coordination
  • Relations and mediation
  • Study and analysis of marketing strategy
  • Strategic development
  • Sponsorship management
  • Authorship management
  • Accreditation

Contents adapted to every type of readership

We generate contents adapted to every type of readership:

  • Medical staff
  • Patients
  • Nursing staff
  • Pharmacists
  • Sales networks


We are digital natives, with our own programming and development 24 hours a day, 5 days a week:

  • Mobile applications
  • Web platforms
  • Desktop tools
  • e-detailing
  • e-book
  • e-learning
  • Online shops/e-commerce
  • Gamification
  • Applications for Facebook

Technical illustration

We create scientific and marketing images and animations:

  • Scientific-medical
  • Scientific-veterinarian
  • Advertising illustration

Events and workshops

We offer all the materials and services needed for your event to be a complete success:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical congresses
  • Experts
  • Strategic plan
  • Multilingual services
  • Action plan
  • Results

Ongoing training

We completely manage the editing, creation, endorsement and accreditation of every type of course:

  • Distance learning
  • Blended learning
  • Face-to-face


We create and produce audiovisual content in traditional format and for digital platforms:

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Tutorials
  • Promotional and marketing videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Interviews and documentary videos
  • Presentations
  • Courses and educational applications


We offer special products developed and patented by us or exclusive licences.

International Symposium

In 2015 the first monographic scientific event was held on the most prevalent respiratory symptom: the cough. It is surprising that until then there had been no conference like it, when in other countries - like Italy - there is a scientific society for the study of coughs which organised a biennial congress in Bologna 20 years ago.

We are pleased to inform you that in view of how well the first edition of the COUGHS IN CLINICAL PRACTICE Symposium was received, we have decided to hold a second edition.


In Méderic Ediciones we like to be able to count on the collaboration of the leading experts in every treatment subject or area in order to guarantee the excellence of all our publishing services and products.

Dr. Miguel Camafort Babkowski

Internal Medicine Department.
Clinical Institute of Medicine and Dermatology.
August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute Hospital Clinic.

University of Barcelona.

High Blood Pressure Unit.

Working with Méderic Ediciones has been a really stimulating experience. Conveying complex clinical content in a pedagogical, innovative and rigorous way for a demanding reader is a personal and gratifying shared challenge.

Dr. Leopoldo Pérez de Isla

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Prevention.

Head of the Cardiovascular Imaging unit of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital.


Do you know how to learn more and learn better? By making difficult things easy, fun and attractive. And that is what Méderic Ediciones manages to do in every one of the things it does. It is a pleasure to work with Méderic Ediciones!

Dr. Enrique Rodilla Sala

HBP and Vascular Risk Unit.
Internal Medicine Department Sagunto Hospital.

Associate Lecturer CEU Cardenal Herrera University

Field of Health Sciences, Moncada, Valencia.

Working with Méderic Ediciones to design educational health materials means working with a serious, and at the same time innovative, company which carries out its work with great scientific rigour in order to offer objective training to health professionals. Its contents are very attractive both in terms of form and content. It is a pleasure to work with them.


The quality of our products and services has earned the trust of the whole medical profession as well as the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.


We are very close to you in order to offer you exactly what you need.

Editorial management and coordination

We manage and coordinate all types of editorial project, from choosing the subject area, through content generation, to its implementation as an editorial product in the format which suits each need best, whether as a hard copy or in digital form:

Organisation and coordination

of projects (editorial standards, correction of common problems, drafting of contents, ISBN, payment management, drafting of contracts...).

Relations and mediation

with opinion leaders and scientific societies.

Study and analysis of marketing strategy

for the development of integral solutions.

Strategic development

of the product marketing campaign.

Sponsorship management

with scientific societies, universities or other scientific or educational institutions.

Authorship management

we manage all legal requisites to edit content, like ISBN, legal deposit, copyright, etc.


assessment, request and management of the accreditations and endorsements of our courses in the competent institutions.

Contents adapted to every type of readership

Because every readership or professional sector has its own specific needs, in Méderic Ediciones we generate content which is adapted to each of them:

Medical staff

Scientific information, training courses, clinical cases, medical handbooks, monographs, protocols, etc.


General information about diseases, treatments, contents for patient associations, etc.

Nursing staff

Content for improving the management of the patient and the medical consultation and for their training.


Scientific, general and also commercial information which may help to improve the running and efficiency of a pharmacy department.

Sales networks

Content to train and motivate the sales networks of the pharmaceutical laboratories or other businesses in the health sector


In Méderic Ediciones we are digital natives. We develop and programme our own software. We offer our services 24 hours a day, 5 days a week:

Mobile applications

Native or HTML5.

Web platforms

Adapted to all types of readership, with the aim of offering and sharing contents with users in the most practical and functional way possible.

Desktop tools

To make the day-to-day work of health professionals easier.


Virtual medical appointment tool to provide health professionals with information about products and services.


Scientific content designed for mobile devices.


Digital content, tools and applications for distance learning.

Online shops/e-commerce

Creation of product or services sales and distribution platforms through the internet.


Creation of digital games to enhance interest in or reach of medical or scientific content.

Applications for Facebook

Programs and tools aimed at broadcasting content on this social platform.

Technical illustration

Scientific images and animations are a very powerful tool to spread and help understanding of medical and scientific content. In Méderic Ediciones we offer 2D and 3D illustration in all format and types and graphic styles:


morphological, mechanical and functional aspects, etc., represented schematically, naturally or hyperrealistically, depending on the client's needs.


graphic descriptions of structures, functional or morphological processes or systems of all types of animal species.

Advertising illustration

creation of graphic material for communication or packaging as a differentiating element when it comes to selling a product.

Events and workshops

We create, organise, manage and coordinate all materials and services needed for your event to be a complete success, from the strategic plan, through running a congress or convention, to measuring the impact of the event:

Medical and pharmaceutical congresses

management of all services needed to organise a symposium (technical secretariat, staff for the event, technical and audiovisual media, accommodation, transport, simultaneous interpreting, access control, accreditations, sets, social programme, web design, etc.).


we select the best experts in the field to deliver the courses, organise the programme, and produce and publish materials.

Strategic plan

we draw up the design and strategy of the plan, tailoring it to the needs of our clients, integrating ourselves in their environment, in their business, responding to their needs and always upholding their general communication policy.

Multilingual services

translators, interpreters, simultaneous interpreting equipment and audiovisual equipment.

Action plan

we manage all the media and channels necessary to create an optimal scenario in our clients' dealings, providing synergies so that they can surround themselves with the best professionals and partners in all fields.


for us it is important to analyse and quantify the impact of the event in order to learn the profitability of the investment and to prepare the image, its positioning and the action plan for the next project.

Ongoing training

We offer complete management in the editing and creation of all tools, endorsements and accreditations in order to make the most complete courses available to you on subjects which are of most interest to the health field in a dynamic, intuitive and multi-platform form:

Distance learning

Creation of online and digitally delivered courses making them easy to follow and offering access to their content through various devices.

Blended learning

Courses which combine the advantages of face-to-face training with the ease of access offered by online learning.


Creation of training courses through classes, tutoring, workshops, etc.


We offer the creation and production of all types of audiovisual content specific to the health sector in traditional format as well as adapted for digital platforms:

2D and 3D animation

of logos, corporate brands, models and infographics.


to show the users the steps they need to follow in order to complete a specific activity, to develop applications or as a presentation.

Promotional and marketing videos

videos which inform and draw consumers to a product, service or organisation.

Corporate videos

to present the corporate philosophy of a company and its practical market application, highlighting the capacity and most important positive values which distinguish the company from the competition.

Interviews and documentary videos

with testimonials from relevant professionals or documentaries on scientific-medical subjects.


to achieve a greater impact at congresses, conferences and projections, showing the strengths of the product, idea or service accompanied by animated infographics, testimonials and interviews.

Courses and educational applications

with the creation of audiovisual material which enhances the educational value of a course or presentation (filming medical manoeuvres and exercises, relevant interviews and testimonials, animated infographics, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, etc.).